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If you spy on a busty lady who washes in the shower and as if accidentally gets cancer, then you risk getting in the face of Madame if found. But if the woman did not poke with any living soul for at least a month, then the opposite result is also possible. This is what happens in the dude, and as a result he has not a severe slap in the face, but an excellent sex with a woman who is hungry for sex and an invitation to visit with the goal of specifically fraying the next week. Yesenin wrote correctly – insolent joy is given! Sing, sing. On the damn guitar Fingers are dancing in your semi-circle. To choke would be in this frenzy, My last, only friend. Do not look at her wrists And from her shoulders pouring silk. I was looking for happiness in this woman, And inadvertently found my death.
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Date: octobre 2, 2019